Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stimulus Or Not, Brace Yourselves, People, The Depression Is On Its Way

No, I'm not being Rush Limbaugh, but I just do not see the Obama stimulus plan having any real impact. This is not because the stimulus plan is a bad idea. This is because Obama is still letting the minority party dictate the crap out of the stimulus plan.

First, despite the House passing its version, it still contained at least 25% of worthless tax cuts, and yet, ZERO Republicans voted for it, when the damn tax cuts were put in it just at their behest!

Now that the Senate is debating (and I use that word loosely) the stimulus package, it appears the tax cuts are up to 40% of the entire stimulus, AND it's been trimmed by about 100 billion dollars!

Obama ... fuck them, all of them, the Democrats and Republicans. Just put out the most proper stimulus plan (hint -- Paul Krugman -- hint, for starters), and if our stupid, self-serving representatives (again, using that word loosely) in Congress don't vote for it, you can rest assured that American voters in 2010 will be looking toward more progressive people to elect to represent them in Congress.

Don't be afraid. Just because the Congressional Republicans and a few mealy mouth wussie Democrats want you to fail, doesn't mean the American public will blame you for the depression that will happen on your watch. And, try to remember ... there may be 300 million Americans, but mass media is only read and/or watched by less than 10% of them (see earlier post of mine on that subject), and even less will be watching them/reading them because of our stupid congresscritters taking out the expansion of cable and internet from your stimulus package. Not to mention, as one tightens ones belt, cable goes! Food, cable, food, cable? Guess which one goes first!

The package passed by the House wasn't all that great, but it had a small fighting chance. The Republicans lining up in lock step and voting "nay" only showed where they stood on helping America. What is transpiring in the Senate is just a complete joke. I am embarrassed for you, Obama, and more pissed off that after the 2008 elections, the Democrats still cannot get off their asses and do something good for this country, instead of always looking out for their corporate buddies.

I'm telling you, 2010 will be a watershed election, which is probably why many in Congress are gearing up for their campaigns now instead of actually doing their work right now in Congress. That work, by the way, is to get off their asses and represent the American people and pass a stimulus bill that will get this country moving forward.

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