Tuesday, May 26, 2015


I have been having a dilemma with my coffee as of late.  Finding the right cream for my coffee has proven to be more difficult than it should be.

I drink strong coffee, preferably a dark roast, ground fine for use in espresso machines.  I don’t always make espresso in the morning.  I generally use a drip system with a filter.  The finer the grind for the drip, the stronger the coffee.

I like my coffee with a fair amount of cream, enough to make it a golden caramel color.  This requires more than the “two tablespoon” amount listed as “one serving.”  Recently, I have purchased several different brands of half and half, based on convenience of shopping choices.  Once I had to purchase a non-fat version, which if you don’t already know, is non-fat because of the addition of sugar.  That one was horrible.  I am able to taste the different creams in the coffee, and the non-fat varieties are the worst tasting.  By far, the most reliable has been Knudsen, which is not sold at all major grocery chains.  The Brand X variety generic to the grocery stores comes in at meh.  Some of them are palatable, and some of them are not. I have to tell you, having horrible coffee, especially when I pay the extra for fresh ground coffee, is such a drag on my ability to get my day going. 

Today, I took a short bus ride to get some Knudsen half and half.  Made a cup when I got home.  Best cup of coffee this past week.

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