Sunday, November 24, 2013

HAIM - The Wire

I heard this group on Diddy's Revolt music channel.  I was "surfing" and passed it, but the beat lingered on, and I went back to the station.  Loved the groove.  Turns out these sisters have a background in performing and music and they are from the valley here in L.A. The back beat got me. 

I tried to upload their song for a few hours (yeah, it gets that bad these days when trying), and finally bought the damn single, twice, for $1.29.  Each single was a remix that I had already downloaded for free.  By the time this was discovered, the song I really wanted was finally downloaded.

Hope you like it.  They are performing on SNL tonight.  The single is not the same as the YouTube video.  I like the video better, but after spending a whopping $2.60 and about four hours, I am done trying to find the right download!

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