Saturday, June 01, 2013

King of Queens - Billy Vera

Been watching "King of Queens" re-runs this evening.  As I have noted through out my blog, I am one of the original "Beater buddies."  Billy Vera and the Beaters did the TV theme.

Billy's voice is very distinctive.  So many commercials that he has done the voice overs are too numerous to count.

His most famous song:  At This Moment

Interesting that MJF married TP.

I've Got My Eye On You (think of a slow gin marathon!)

BV website

Between Like And Love video, which, by the way, I have never seen LOL.  But here is the song if you want it.


I am the queen of BV artifacts.  Way too much to catalog.

Someone Will School You
(check the lyrics ... seriously! ... "I should have known you were too willing, I would soon be taking penicillin")

My new ringtone.  Peanut Butter!

This movie sucked, but ... it did star Bruce Willis and Kim Bassinger, and the song was one of my favorites, and it was one of the opening songs of their set when I would hit the dance floor with my partner.  

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