Friday, June 07, 2013

End Of Life ...

I am still recovering from a sight no one should ever have to see.

A Mac truck ran over a person today, killing them.  It happened on a regular corner that I habit a lot.  The "blood curdling" screams were mind altering.

Roads blocked off; police cars every where; emergency vehicles on the scene.

Just having the vision of the body, lifeless, is more than I can stomach.

To posit a commentary ... why do those that are in four wheel vehicles have such disdain for us that are bi-peds?

So in a hurry to cut corners, at the expense of life?

The driver of the mac truck was making a right turn on a green light (going east) while the pedestrian had the right of way (going north).

Personally, I was the victim of a similar travesty.  If it was a mac truck that ran over me, I, too, would be dead.

The Santa Monica shooting over-shadowed this tragedy, today.

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