Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Republican's Can't Help Themselves - They Are So In Bed With Their Lies, The Truth Cannot Find A Way In

I watched the State of The Union tonight.  It was normal, nothing to write home about.  But, watching Sen. Rubio give the Republican "rebuttal" to the SOTU was like watching Fox News!

There was nothing that came out of this man's mouth that was remotely true.  I was flabbergasted by the sheer amount of lies.  I thought perhaps using Sen. Rubio was to give a more lightened and cooperative response, less decisive (especially since the Tea Party was going to offer up their own rebuttal by way of Rand Paul) but it was a slice in the pie.  I guess they just wanted a gentler, kinder representative to give the Republican bull shit a better taste than it had when it was given by Mitt Romney.  Throw out the son of an immigrant who is not a so called millionaire, and voila, we have a representative of TRUE America.  Uh, not ...!

I thought it was interesting that the Republican response to raising the minimum wage was to ask how the "government" was going to be able to pay for this.  Equating raising the minimum wage to an increase in government spending is one of the little lie tricks that Republicans use to try to confuse those already stupid on economics.  But, it's quite simple - the EMPLOYER pays the wage increase, not the government.  And let's not confuse this with stating that a minimum wage increase will raise the cost of government by giving government employees money the government does not have.  Those employees are already paid above minimum wage, so raising the minimum wage does not impact government employees (thanks to their unions, cough, cough).  No, it is the rich CEO's making millions and billions on the backs of their poverty level income earning employees that will have to take a small percentage off of their profits to pay for the increase.  However, the mentality of the rich is "not in my back yard" because they just cannot fathom in this day and age how their money is not their right, and they cannot figure out how to justify paying even less money to their employees so as to make more money. 

The argument about the ACA causing "small" businesses to have to let their employees go because they can't "afford" to pay for the health care mandate is another lie the Republicans like to use.  When you actually research the type of companies that are laying off employees because of the ACA, they are the big, big, big, and let me say again, big companies that can afford to pay, but want to stick it to the agenda of the "left"  by sabotaging their own workforce and making a "statement."  The Papa John's, the Taco Bells, the Denny's, the Red Lobsters, the Olive Gardens etc. and their ilk are the ones laying off or cutting back to avoid paying their employees a fair wage over their ideological opposition to health care.  In fact, considering the number of fast food operations that are scaling back full time employees to fuck them over, I would personally not want to eat at a place where the workers are NOT HAPPY.  No telling what health hazards might be on the horizon at the hands of these workers.

Don't get me started on the energy companies.

Get ready for more bitter fighting, and probably an even more regressive Congress than the one that preceded it.

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