Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Why Are Republicans So Racist?

What is it with today's Republicans and the right wing blow tards and their utter disdain for President Obama?  I don't get it one bit, except, of course, for the mass racism.  And that, my friends, saddens me.

I am up to my neck in anger over the constant drumbeat from this group of people that consistently try to portray this President as un-American and wanting to hand over this country to some boogie man representing a leftist, socialist, liberal leader of a foreign nation.  And equally stupid is their claim that Obama is in bed with the "terrorists," whatever that means.

You have to be extremely stupid to believe that a sitting president of the United States is actually working to decimate this country!  And yet, that is the propaganda that forms the basis of the Republican party's belief system.  It is the constant topic on Fox News.  Currently it is Obama's alleged plan to take all the guns away.  That is so stupid on so many levels it seriously makes me want to smash my television when I hear reporters go off on this subject.  As if!  What is wrong with these people?  Do they not know that the majority of Americans do not believe them?  The Republicans LOST AT THE LAST ELECTION and they need to get over it.  And NO, they did not take the House as the mantra goes on Fox News.  They simply kept the majority, but lost in their mumbo jumbo is the FACT that they lost numbers in the House, despite still maintaining the majority.  All of this crap about a left wing take over of the country would be a laughing matter if those Fox viewers weren't so overwhelmingly stupid as to believe what Fox is feeding them. 

And just who is leading this attack of the stupid?  Well, it can't very well be the stupid people that are following this line of thinking.  It has to be started at the top and then fed to the bottom.  It is astounding to me that those good ole white boys in power, both in government positions as well as corporate positions, are the leaders of this racist ideology.  These people are so full of hate for the man of color at the top that they are willing to fracture this country solely because they still harbor, and cling to, their outdated belief that people of color are physiologically inferior to their white asses.

The statistics that show the number of Republicans that believe Obama was not born in the United States is astonishing.  I did not know that stupidity was contagious.  Equally disappointing are the number of Republicans that continue to espouse the belief that Obama is Muslim. 

The left attacked Bush during is eight years, mostly on the grounds that he was stupid, and his stupidity led him to be governed by seriously bad guys, which led to the two unfunded wars in the Middle East, and the give away of our national treasury funds to corporate big wigs.  As bad as that was, the mantra never was that Bush was un-American.  He was bad for America.  But no one suggested that Bush was in bed with the terrorists or that he was trying to hand over the country to other oligarchs.

It is embarrassing that racism is so prevalent in the country that it comes out in full bore by the Republican party and their stronghold in outright lies about Obama.  Lies that are easily negated by the truth, but only to those that are not racist.  And these racists are so full of hate for people of color that they are willing to crash this country just so they could say "that n...r ruined this great country."

Rock on Obama.  I may not agree with all of your centrist ideas and actions, but you are the President of the United States, and I am a citizen of this country, and as such, I will support you as my President, color of your skin being irrelevant to the fact that you made it to the top office and are worthy of that job.


Bob said...

People are crazy. In a reply to a comment I made on a Yahoo news story, some person named "I love guns" wrote that Obama was planning to ban all guns, would use the military to confiscate them, causing patriotic Americans to shoot our own military personnel in self-defense. It is not the first time I've read this paranoid scenario. As unable as they are to explain which particular "well-regulated militia" they are in, they believe the right to weapons ownership is absolute. Which would include rocket-propelled anti-tank weapons. & I have little doubt that some of them actually possess rocket-propelled weapons, but likely have difficulty finding ammo for them.

Carrie said...

What makes it so stupid is that there is nothing that Obama has said that comes close to a call to confiscate all weapons! Not even a call to ban all weapons. They just jump the gun, pardon the pun, and pull out all the "stupid" stops. This time, they might have met their match, though, with Sandy Hook shootings, and all the subsequent shootings that have been highlighted by the media. Appeasement of the NRA gun lovers is declining.

To illustrate the stupid in the NRA and the gun people, remember that ad the NRA put up about Obama's supposed security guards that were armed (11 of them) at the school the Obama girls attend? Turned out it was false. There are no armed guards whatsoever at the Sidwell Friends school. Of course, the NRA got that information off of the "Breitbart" blog, which should have clued anyone with intelligence what a farce the story was. But no one ever said that those that advocate for AK-47 type guns had any smarts in that little pea brain of theirs!

Bob said...

The girls have Secret Service protection. The Secret Service is hardly going to reveal how it deploys that protection at Sidwell, but if it involved turning the school into an armed compound, the Obama girls would be home tutored in the White House.

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

uh mam I'm hispanic, immigrant and republican lol