Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am such a new fan of this band.  Six Grammy nominations!  You know, when you get an itch for a "sound," it bites you all day long!  Tell me you don't dig them ...  Lyrically they are unique, vocally, distinct and overall, exciting.  I have such a crush on the lead singer ... damn it!


Arno said...

That's just good stuff. I only picked up on them a few months ago, struck by the harmonies and well-crafted pop goodness. I don't care much for autotune vocals -- unless they're done right, which these guys do when they do it. Best music in town, Good Bartender! Carrie On!

Carrie said...

I saw them first on SNL, and they rocked. I was stuck by the lead singer's odd dress (those seriously polyester pants kicked ass), but the song got to me. If you listen to it posted above, you will note that they DO NOT use "autotone" vis-a-vis their vocals.

You can count on me to still have a finger in the pool of current music and artists.

Arno said...

Well-deserved Grammy tonight for Best Song. You're right about the auto-tune, they only sparingly use vocoder effects, which is a different animal altogether than auto. Good stuff.

Arno said...

Thank you for this anthem!
"We will find our way home..."