Wednesday, January 09, 2013

2013 Baseball Hall Of Fame Inductees (cricket sounds)

It is interesting to see that when it comes to electing steroid users into the Baseball Hall Of Fame, there IS a line drawn in the sand.  I, for one, would rather see Pete Rose inducted before the likes of Barry Bonds.

In their first year on the ballot, Bonds and Clemens, perhaps the most decorated hitter and pitcher in the game’s history, fell far short of receiving the necessary 75 percent of votes from baseball writers. Bonds, the career home runs leader, received only 36.2 percent, while Clemens, who won a record seven Cy Young Awards, did slightly better, with 37.6. 

It was the first election since 1996 in which the writers chose no new members.
Only 36.2 and 37.6 percent, eh?  Speaks volumes. And Bonds had this to say:

Bonds did not immediately comment, but lamented in an interview with in November that “it’s tough when you have so many people out there who don’t want to turn the page and want to be angry at you forever.”
 Yeah, Barry, that's it.  We fans don't want to "turn the page" and we want "to be angry at you forever."  You're damn right we feel that way!  Ass twit.

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Bob said...

I think of the (probably) hundreds of ballplayers who never made it out the minor leagues because they didn't juice.