Thursday, November 08, 2012

Will Republicans Accept Reality Now?

Wow!  I am watching Fox News, Sean Hannity to be exact.  The spin on the election two days after is mind boggling.  First off, Sean likened the Obama win to a football game where the Democrats were guilty of all kinds of penalties and fouls, and he actually stated that "Obama" could have cared less that he was "cheating" in the football analogy, because in the end, the "win" was worth it.  What a bunch of fucking bullshit.  Is this where they want to actually go?  Then Sean and his guest, Bill Cunningham, decided to actually make the case that Mitt Romney really wasn't the kind of candidate they could get their minds around because, after all, he was certainly no Reagan.  They basically threw Romney under the bus!  That sentiment was followed by allegations that the Democrats, and Obama specifically, lied and smeared Romney.  Pulleeezzeeeeeee.  The person and party that lied were Romney and the Republicans.  Romney couldn't tell the truth about any topic even when he tried, for goodness sake.

Then you have the new meme apparently started by Rush Limbaugh, and that is the claim that Romney lost because 3 million Republicans stayed home and did not vote!

(banging head on keyboard)

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