Friday, November 02, 2012

The Romney Smirk - Don't You Just Want To Smack It Off His Face?

I have been trying to watch Fox News these past couple of weeks, in order to get a better understanding of the enormous gap between the right wingers and the rest of the sane world.  It is very difficult to watch for longer than 5 minutes at a time.  Seriously, very difficult.  The disconnect from reality is obvious from the very first utterance of any one of the hosts and/or guests such that it actually gives me a headache.  I am more than alarmed at the prospect that the "majority of Americans" actually buy the trope they are pedaling.  A part of me wonders if in the end, the votes tallied at this next election will be a landslide for Obama, not necessarily because Obama is the gift that keeps on giving, but that, in general, not many people are buying what the Republican party is selling.  On the other hand, absent any tangible proof that there is widespread tampering with the votes (a not too far fetched reality, to be sure), if it is close, or even if the worst case scenario materializes and Romney is elected, what happens when all of the junk that Republicans have been trying to do to the rest of us Americans as a people happens.

To begin with, those that support the Republican agenda, will be probably the first to realize in, oh, say about one year into the Romney presidency, that they are also a part of the 99% that the 1% don't care about, and despite their fervent belief that Romney and the Republican hierarchy care about THEIR interests, voila, uh, no they don't.  Health insurance? Cross that off the list, especially after Romney and his 1% cohorts do all they can to see that the ability for most Americans to be financially capable of having basic health care vanishes, and massive numbers of people are dropped systematically off the insurance rolls.  Free education?  Forget about it.  State by state, city by city, public schools will be gobbled up by private for profit groups under the guise of bettering America's schools, when in reality, it is again, the 1% lining their pockets off the backs of those that already had no money to afford school in the first place, now finding themselves caught between a rock and hard place regarding the education of their children.  Forced by laws mandating children attend school, and saddled by the inability to actually afford them.  And then we have those that get to use the so called voucher system that will find out after their children keep getting passed year after year that in actuality, those children do not know how to add and subtract, or even read, because the teachers that teach, bereft of unionization, are not actually qualified to teach! Next is the gutting of social services, which will put a tremendous strain on the economy as state by state, the number of people left by the wayside, unable to afford housing, buy food to feed themselves and their families, and STILL OUT OF WORK (because, let's not for a moment believe the bullshit of Republicans that they have a clue how to stave off unemployment, as they salivate at tax break after tax break that lines still only the 1% of their party, and not the mass numbers of stupid people in the poorest states of this country that will be adversely affected by a Republican United States circa 2012 onward), unable to even afford decent housing and become homeless.  Does it sound like I am foretelling a Domesday scenario if Romney and his ilk take office?  You betcha. 

The lies, and I mean it very seriously, LIES that those that control the Republican party are telling their supporters (and by all means, please do feel sorry for those stupid enough to actually believe what the 1% of the Republican party is telling the rest of the 99% Republican followers) will unfold in such a ferocious and agonizing way that, in my opinion, will rock this nation to its core, and bring the 99% of we Americans to the brink of anarchy.  To believe it won't come true is to believe that the smirk that is ever present on Romney's face belies the fact that he is salivating at the prospect of destroying America and pillaging all that he can for himself and his cronies.  The man has no fear of taking this country down just for the sake of money.

The vacuum that is created by Fox News blows my mind.  The newscasters offer zero proof, and there is nothing by way of facts laid out for their outlandish claims.  I tried to match up Fox News with MSNBC because Fox and the right wingers continually claim MSNBC is a liberal bastion.  I wish! Be that as it may, most of the news analysis on MSNBC is presenting facts to combat the vast amounts of lies being touted by Fox News and other Republicans.  Whereas, on Fox News, it's just a bunch of bullshit, so outlandish that it boggles the mind that people actually believe this crap.  Just the other day, one of the guests touts this blatantly ridiculous theory as proof that Obamacare (hey, I just use the name, I didn't make it up) is socialism because the very first thing all socialist countries do is take over the health care of their country.  First, where the fuck did that come from, and second, where is the proof? She did not give any names of countries, any specifics, it was all general statements that go to the basic erroneous claim that Obamacare is proof positive our President is a socialist.  There was one woman on the show that was trying to get across what I would consider to be a Democratic point of view, (it was on Sean Hannity's show) but Mr. Hannity was having nothing of this, and repeatedly talked over the poor woman.  It was really hard to watch because there was no effort to be "fair and balanced" in the reporting. Anyone trying to point out the obvious untruth was simply mowed down with bullying tactics. No wonder these right wingers are so obnoxious -- they see it all the time on Fox News and I guess they believe this is how the rest of the world operates in a dialogue.

I still believe that Obama will take it all, both the electoral votes and the general popular vote.  I simply cannot believe that anyone finds the rude and obnoxious Romney up to par for the job of POTUS.  Bush was an idiot, and he more than bothered the left of the world, but Romney's smirk would be enough to galvanize even the most timid on the left to take up arms and go target practicing on his ass.


Bob said...

Oh, your Southern Baptist church in Oklahoma is collecting canned food for "The victims of Hurricane Sandy." Because big government just gets in the way of true Christian charity. Well, thank you very much. I'm certain they'll appreciate it in Breezy Point. Send some cans of Sterno, too.

Arno said...

What is it with Republicans and smirking? First there was Dubya and Cheney (well, Cheney snarled) now we have the Smirk Twins in Romney and Paul Ryan. Yes, I'd love to smack them all.