Friday, November 23, 2012

My Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving day was a solitary event for me this year.  I had a Marie Callendar's turkey pot pie, with a salad, and a Marie Callendar's peach pie with whipped cream for desert.  There was no family in attendance, nor was I invited to any family get together(s).  That, in and of itself, has not been unusual for me as I generally do not celebrate the holiday with extended family.  However, my immediate family, consisting of my daughter, my grandson and I, always had some type of dinner together.  Sometimes we would have other friends over, and sometimes we would just go out to dinner.  This year, I did not hear from either my daughter or my grandson.

Par for the course, I guess.

I put up some of my Christmas decorations.  While I did not decorate the house, per se, I did put up my rather elaborate and growing Christmas village collection, and brought out my Christmas dinner ware.  Aside from that, I added a few decorations here and there, put out the welcome mat and the door hanger, and the Christmas kitchen towels and pot holders.  I do not anticipate getting a tree this year.  It is not in the budget, especially since I don't have funds to buy anyone a gift.  Food is generally a priority (and of course, toilet paper).

Even though I am not sure if I will have my rent for this month, or will be in the apartment come Christmas, I put the decorations out, as a show of good faith.


Bob said...

I might do some decorations this year. I'd have a small artificial tree if I wanted one more thing packed in the closet most of the year. Tnaksgiving has been nothing more often than not. I didn't enjoy it at my longtime girlfriend's family's house - not enough drinking to loosen everyone up. & ten years ago I had the first of two unpleasant holidays at my sister's (the subsequent Christmas was IT for me). Send me your address, I'll send you a Christmas card.

Carrie said...

Check your email.