Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Night Disco!!!!

Not everyone was in love with disco, but I certainly was.  I hit a ton of discos back in the day, and the memories are seriously still with me. 

Sylvester - Dance

If that song didn't get your body moving ... try this one!

Dan Hartman - Instant Replay (long version) Try to imagine a sweat filled gay club, and this song comes on (laughing, yeah, not for all of you, I get it). Still, I have the memories!!!!

I remember the dance routine we (my cousins, Kel, Les and Gary) had to this song. "All night long, we did the ..."

Sylvers - Boogie Fever

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Bob said...

I thought disco culture, & more specifically gay disco culture, was really bizarre. It did however spin off some great funk. I found disco club music lacking in rhythmic interest, although I liked the repetitiveness of extended play. When I joined WFMU, I asked the music director why the library was so lacking in Seventies disco & funk, we had minimal selections of even Ohio Players & Funkadelic, & discovered he'd been chucking most of it for years as he received it. I went ballistic. He was stunned at my reaction. He must have tossed 12" club singles that collectors pay $100 for now.