Tuesday, September 18, 2012

AEG To Sell Staples, KINGS (STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS) ... Why Does That Not Surpise ME?

I don't call Tim Leiweke "Lies Weekly" and "Lies Weakly" for nothing! I also don't call Phillip Anschutz "An Shits" for nothing! I do find it noteworthy that after they bought the Kings franchise back when I was a seasoned season ticket holder at the Forum (before they even built Staples, and when I had six seats for every fucking game, which I went to religiously, especially during the Gretzky era), I was LIED to by Lies Weekly and Anshits on a regular basis, both personally and overall as a "ticket" holder. They lied through their teeth about how they were going to build a Stanley Cup contender team, how they were going to build the team around franchise rock, Rob Blake (drafted by the Kings), and honor the fans with the most fabulous arena possible IF ... if ... we only would keep our season tickets for another season so they could get the financing in place to build IT so WE WOULD COME.

Flash forward several years later, after Staples was built, after they traded Rob Blake the MINUTE he became a free agent (where he eventually landed with the Colorado Avalanche AND won a Stanley Cup), and the Kings went cupless (even after the FUCKING DUCKS WON A CUP before them). I turned my tickets in to Mr. Lies Weekly before the 2000-2001 season ended, and was told not to let the door hit me on the way out.

Now, after the Kings actually DO WIN The Cup, what do they do? Oh, and let's not forget that AEG (and the boys) got everyone on the L.A. City Council to take the bite at building a football stadium next to Staples in order to bring football back to Los Angeles ... well guess what Los Angeles? You just got screwed over!

Ha ha ha ha ha ... I knew L.A. was never going to get football back, and quite frankly, I really don't give a crap. I love football, but I've loved not having a team here, because I don't have to deal with blacked out games, AND get to see the Chargers more often on the Tube. But, to dump the current Stanley Cup champions? Well, in any other city, that would probably be unheard of. But here in La La land, it's par for the course.

According to the mayor:

"I have worked with both Phil Anschutz and Tim Leiweke for years to bring a football team to Los Angeles. I speak to both of them on a regular basis and I have known about this potential sale for some time," the mayor said in a statement Tuesday night. "I have the commitment from both of them that this won't affect plans for an NFL team to return to Los Angeles in the near future and so will not affect my support for moving ahead with Farmers Field."

(Still laughing). And you believe that? Well, I have a stadium I could sell you!


Bob said...

Good to see you back in form.

Carrie said...

Thanks. Good to be back.

Tony said...

Carrie, it's been 10 days since you posted anything. Please update something so I know you are OK.

Carrie said...

Okay, I have to laugh at that comment, Tony. It seems that I neglected to give the same warning to my online readers as I have to my friends, that being, if I don't answer my phone, PLEASE do not assume something is wrong and send the police over to bang on my door!

Let me assure you, as I have told others, should I ever sink that low again in depression, I will not consider suicide an option. I have in place assistance to help me through any dark moments, and I am on medication which, for the moment, leaves me in limbo emotionally. I do not experience any lows (and I don't experience any highs) so, I am not suicidal.

I haven't posted because the past week has involved me trying to make up the balance of my rent, which is quite hard to do when I have no job, no employment, and no resources. I have topics that I had intended to blog about, but I have simply not had the time nor been in the right frame of mind to post. Then, when I do feel like posting, my window of opportunity to be relevant passed, hence no posts.

But, thanks for being alert, AND reminding me, I need to post more often. Even Bob breaks out of his shell and posts more than I do these days, and we know what a hermit crab he is, LOL!!!!!

Bob said...

Well OK. I spend the first week of each month using Ambien & sleeping.