Thursday, August 16, 2012

I Am Tired Of Pretend Friends Posted By DBD On Facebook As Zaire's Real Friends

You know, I had Facebook up a while back but then deleted it because I was tired of the few friends that I did allow to "friend" me who would use up my space with stuff like posting their new friends, their new status, or stupid links and stupid pictures. So, I didn't need it and cancelled it. But then, my daughter, who takes lots of pictures of Zaire, never got around to actually e-mailing me the pictures, plus, she was linked to the DBD's Facebook page such that pictures of Zaire in Chicago were available to me through my daughter. So, I reinstated my account so that I could at least download current pictures of my grandson.

I find it very sad that there are no pictures of my grandson in Chicago that show him with "real" friends. He has no school friends, he does not have sleep overs or go to sleep overs, and the only pictures of Zaire with other children are actually pictures of Zaire with his babysitter's kid and her nephew. (Sigh). Zaire spends 80% of his time in the care of some woman that the DBD used to sleep with and now his "best friends" in Chicago are this woman's kid and her nephew. How sad. At a time when Zaire should be making great friends and experiencing his childhood, he's forced to live at the DBD's ex girlfriend's house (he even spends the night there on most occasions, while DBD actually goes home, how shitty is that?), and to top it off, Zaire's situation makes him a "target" at his school, yeah, he get's beat up. You know, all of my friends that hail from Chicago warned me that my grandson would be the target of bullying if he were to re-locate to Chicago, and as much as I hate to say they were right -- they were right.

He needs to come home where he has friends. Real friends. Not made up friends. Not children of the DBD's ex lovers (and that includes those that make up his so called "half brothers" whose mom left the DBD years ago). With a parent like that, shit, even I would need therapy.

Caveat - the opinions expressed are entirely of my own, and protected by my First Amendment Right to post. I don't care if anyone (and you know who YOU are) don't like what I have to say, the truth hurts, and it ain't my fault.

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