Thursday, August 09, 2012

Cigars And Gas

You know you are a "regular" in your neighborhood when you can waltz over to the local gas station, in your PJ's, smoking a cigar, and protest, VOCALLY, the mind altering fucking increase in gas prices over two days. (Spoiler alert - been asked to come back tomorrow when they will implement their THIRD increase in three days, with my big ass cigar!)

So, a friend of mine gave me four Montecristo Churchill cigars. I haven't smoked a cigar in a few years, but those that know me personally, know I love a good cigar.

I noticed, while smoking one of the cigars tonight, that the gas station across the street raised their prices AGAIN in two days, approximately 20 cents, and I went over, in my pajamas and slippers (laughing) and was like "what the fuck?" They wanted to take a picture of me with my cigar and their raised prices, but no one had a camera, and they did not want to use a cell phone. So, tomorrow, when they said they would be raising the prices again (three raises in three days) they want me to come back with my cigar and take pictures!

Hey, I don't fault the station owners -- they are good friends of mine for over 10 years, but they do not have control over the price increases, and to be fair, they are opposed to the price increases. Still, I find it funny that they want to take a picture of me and my cigar!


BC said...

Gas prices suck the big weenie and especially in Cali...I know they get higher there than here. Gouging the public as my husband says. Btw, I tried smoking a big fat cigar once a few years back. I couldn't handle it. Make my eyes water and everything. Lol! It seems to suit you though. Enjoy!

Carrie said...

The big excuse here in Cali is the fire at one of the refineries, which they said would probably raise the prices about $.30 in a week. So far, the prediction is true.

As for "ceeegarrs," yes, they suit me! I have smoked cigars that cost over $150 apiece, and I can appreciate the difference in cigars much more than I can distinguish, let alone appreciate, the price difference in champagne.