Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Mormon Smackdown By Somone Who Knows His Bible

Let's just start off by making one thing clear. I am not a Christian, nor do I believe that Jesus is God, or that by accepting Jesus I will go to "heaven." I do, however, believe in God, and I accept the teachings of Jesus vis-s-vis the "book" most Christians accept as the writings of Jesus, the Bible, which of course, anyone with an education, especially in religion, knows that the Bible was not written in any fashion by Jesus, nor can any of the New Testament be proven to have been written by the actual apostles that the writings have been attributed to. More importantly, the Bible as we know it today was put together by a "king" in order to put forth some sort of ability to control the "church" and the "believers" approximately 300 years after Jesus was known to have died.

Be that as it may, I respect the right of REAL Christians to believe in Jesus and do the work in his name. I do not respect the new Christian belief system that amounts to bigotry, anger, war, nationalism, or capitalism, which has morphed into this ideology that America is a Christian nation (especially, again, when education proves that this country was clearly founded upon the freedom to worship as one chooses, that insofar as our government is concerned, one's religion shall not be a test marker, and lastly, religion and government should not be entwined). These "Christians" represent, to me, and to a lot of people, the same Christians that roamed the world during the Crusades basically killing anyone that refused to accept Jesus as God, desecrating many holy places along the way.

Enter the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka the Mormons. I have had serious personal interactions with Mormons for over 40 years and know well the teachings of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. But I have never seen a smack down as good as this by a person that knows his Bible!

I used to have the same experience. When one actually uses the Bible against a Mormon, they are stumped. And like the gentleman in the video says, the Mormons don't believe in Jesus as much as they believe in Joseph Smith.

And here the Christians who represent a majority of the white, older aged American, male dominated Republican party are putting their Christianity on the line by supporting a Mormon for POTUS.

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