Sunday, July 01, 2012

Zaire Screaming For Joy At Being Home!!!

UPDATE: July 4, 2012

It seems the video is not "available" to all people, even though I thought I put it on my "wall" and my "wall" is supposed to be "public." I really don't like these social media sites, and you'd think that I'd be an expert at Twitter and Facebook, but in all actuality, I hate them both. I only keep Facebook because that is how I can get quick photos posted by my daughter (and anything that she shares from the "father's" account), so at least I get to see precious pictures of my grandson.

Anyway, when my daughter sends me the videos, I can then upload them personally and put them on the site. For those of you that are already "friends" with my daughter on Facebook, then you can see these two cute videos.

PS I ... WILL have more to blog about regarding my grandson and the status of the custody battle. I find it a tad funny that the majority of the father's family have focused on "me" and not on the issues that relate to who should have custody, the father or the mother. Somehow, that side seems to think that calling me names (like "racist" and "anti-semite") will bolster the father's attempts to continue to maintain custody, when all it really does is make them look petty. I am not a party to this lawsuit. What I think and do is actually irrelevant to the Court, yet the father's lawyers, family and friends scour my blog to find anything they can to attempt to somehow discredit my daughter. I laugh at that because again, as I said, I am not a party ... it is not me seeking custody, and I am not relevant to this case. I thought it funny (ok, I am digressing a bit, but whatever) that at one of the evaluation sessions the father was all over the "your mother called me a dead beat dad," etc. I was proud that my daughter responded (in front of the evaluator) with a "well, you ARE a dead beat dad." Seems that phrase resonates with the father ... and he better get used to it, because a better definition of a dead bead dad could not be found outside of my post about him.

Just watch this video over on my Facebook page, and you will understand how MUCH Zaire is glad to be home!

Check here to see how much fun the boys are having, and how much love is unspoken between them. Sigh ... It's hard when you know he doesn't want to live in Chicago.


BC said...

I can't seem to find the video.

Carrie said...

It's on my Wall at Facebook, called "ahhjj happy tree friends." The other video should take you to "Sweet suite," but that is also on my Facebook Wall. You should be able to see it, my Wall is public and you are friended on my Facebook. Check again and let me know.