Monday, July 23, 2012

Let's See ... Caterpillar's CEO Made $17 Million Last Year, But The $25 Per Hour Worker Is Being Asked To Agree To A Six Year Wage And Pension Freeze?

I've been reading of late about the union vs. Caterpillar strike. According to Think Progress, Caterpillar made a $4.9 BILLION dollar profit last year, and paid its CEO a 60% increase in salary, etc. ($17 million), yet it is asking its workers to agree to a six year SALARY FREEZE, AND PENSION FREEZE, among other things!

Their rationalization for this is that they already pay their workers "above market rates" (that translates to paying about $25 per hour). According to Think Progress, the "above market rate" workers would have to work 244 YEARS to make what Caterpillar's CEO made last year.

How about some trickle down economics here, Caterpillar?

What is sickening about these corporations today is they aren't even afraid to put this shit out there! Yeah, the guy making $25 an hour can really compete and afford to live the lifestyle of the CEO! Freeze that $25 per hour, and freeze the pension payments for the next six years so the CEO can make more $17 million in compensation over that same period of time (and probably more).

All I can hope is that the union hangs in there.

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