Monday, July 23, 2012

Ah, The Insanity Coming From The Gun People - Now It's "Why Didn't Anyone In The Theater Have A Gun" And "Why Didn't Someone Storm The Shooter," Etc.

It is a sad state of affairs if our "elected" congressmen (including those that previously served but are not currently in office) feel that the best way to handle mass murderers is for everyone to be armed and for everyone to shoot to kill the perpetrator.

All I can say is that these people, these gun advocates, are the STUPIDEST FUCKING PEOPLE on this earth. Blame the victims for not shooting back. What fucking country are we living in and what era? The wild, wild west, where everyone had a rifle and six shooter? But even back then, you would most likely have had to leave your guns at the door for entry into a facility that had entertainment or showed some type of cinematic feature.

These are the assholes that if they actually were in the same situation would be the first one stepping over children, women and old ladies to get their white old fucking asses out the door and not be shot. I guarantee that none of these people would put their lives on the line for any of the little people. NONE of them would fire at the shooter, as suggested above. They are lily livered chicken shit cowards.

This is truly disgusting. And people want to know why I am "checking out" of politics as it is being played out these days? Just read the above quote from MR. PEARCE. The garbage I have read since the shooting has got to be of the lowest caliber of stupidity and asinine ideas it makes Monday quarterbacking of a Sunday NFL game look like genius activities.

Lose the guns, stupid people. When are you going to learn? Guns very much do kill people. End of story.

From Think Progress:

While Cinemark does have a no firearms policy, it is highly unlikely that someone would have been able to take down the alleged gunman. He was heavily armed, in full protective gear, threw tear gas before he opened fire, and was in a dark, crowded theater. Armed law enforcement officers responded within 90 seconds, and in that time he injured or killed 70 people.

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Bob said...

Gun people have wild, creepy fantasies of what they would do. Like they'd be fearless, calm, & oh yeah, crack shots. But how about that young woman who stayed with her best friend, pressing her fingers to a spurting neck wound. It's what we do despite being shit scared that constitutes genuine courage.