Monday, June 04, 2012

Kings Take Commanding Lead In Stanley Cup

Countdown to win in Game Three (4-ZIPPPOOOOO) ... Bringing the broom Wednesday!

Go Kings! I've waited a long, long, long time for this.


Tony said...

At this point I actually hope the Kings win tonight. Then I will only owe you $50.00. LOL!! Honestly, the Kings totally dominated on Monday. It was as if the Devils gave up already. I will be happy for you to win and raise a banner in LA. Tonight should be fun.

Carrie said...

I will be there at the same sports bar as I was on Monday. I don't have the stomach to pay $500+ for nosebleed seats, when I can watch the game right next door to Staples on a big screen. I will be bringing my broom, though! After 45 years as a team in Los Angeles, (10+ of those years me being a season ticket holder) and 19 seasons after their only trip to the finals, tonight would be a good time to sweep. Finally, an L.A. hockey team to be proud of.

Carrie said...

Get ready to pony up the $100 ha ha. Game 5, baby!