Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Game 5, Baby!

Well, the Kings did not take it in four here in Los Angeles, but now that there is a chance for them to take it in FIVE games, poor Tony will be putting $100 into my PayPal account, LOL!

The bar I was at was so overpacked, they had to call in three more waitresses, and bring in 8 new boxes of bar glasses, they were running out so fast. My daughter came down and the line was around the block but I got her in for one period and then she had to leave to go do a photo shoot.

So, Saturday ... GO KINGS, DAMN IT!


Tony said...

Now I want the Devils to win on Saturday so we have a wash for game 6. I missed last night's game, I had an important dinner to attend. Maybe I shouldn't go to Saturday's game.

Carrie said...

Since it is an away game, and Linda and I have stuff to do on Saturday, we probably will end up watching the game at our respective homes with friends. No need to be at Staples, especially since they were charging money just to be in the vicinity of the damn place (sheesh).

On another note, I am more sad, though, that I'll Have Another is out of the horse race ... damn. Poor horse, though. Career ending injuries to his legs I believe.

So, get ready Tony. I called it ... Kings in 5. LOL!

Tony said...

I feel bad about I'll Have Another. A new triple crown winner would have been great. As for a career ending injury, I wouldn't worry about that. He will have a much better and lucrative career as a stud. He can sit back and get laid while his offspring hit the track. We will see about tonight, but I'm pulling for the Devils. I don't really mind if the Kings get the cup, but I'd rather they win at home. Not for the bet, but for the nostalgia. I will be watching the game with my new best hockey friend, Mike Rupp from the Rangers.