Wednesday, May 30, 2012

We Win Game One, We Win Game One (Keep Repeating)

Keeping the streak alive! Kings take ANOTHER AWAY GAME and win in someone else's house! Stanley Cup - Kings 1, Devils 0. In overtime.

UPDATE: The score was Kings 2, Devils 1, in overtime. My meaning above is in the SERIES, the Kings are up one game to the Devils. My bad!


Tony said...

Great game. A good win for your team. Saturday will be my night.

Carrie said...

We didn't establish a bet, though! You said Devils in 6. Let's have a $50 bet just as to which team wins, then perhaps a secondary $50 bet as to how many games, either team takes, to win ... i.e., your six games, but say Kings win it. So I get the $50 for the win, but you get the $50 for the # of games ... or it's a wash LOL! How's that? If so, I say Kings, in 5.

Tony said...

Sounds good to me.