Saturday, May 26, 2012

Now UK Bars Are Demanding Facebook Information?

Imagine this: You're in line to get in to your favorite bar. You're stopped by the bouncer at the door who asks to see your ID... and your Facebook account? In the U.K., the practice is becoming increasingly common.

According to the BBC, bars in England are worried over fines for admitting underaged drinkers — often as high as $8,000. For U.K. bouncers, checking a patron's Facebook profile is a good way to weed out fake IDs. In a few short moments, the bouncer can verify a person's name and date of birth. It's not a replacement for checking a person's identification, but an extra, optional verification step.

What is it with everyone's obsession, from employers and now to bars, with one's Facebook account? I have one, but thank goodness it is in Carrie Cann's name. Not going to get much real information on me, eh?

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