Saturday, May 26, 2012

Just Who Owns The Media

A pretty interesting article with graphics about the clear consolidation of media of the world into the hands of some six major players. Think about that for a while. I grew up when breaking up monopolies was the thing to do (remember the "baby Bells" as the telephone industry monopoly was broken up in the 1970's?) It's obvious why this country remains stupid -- big media wants it that way.

I'll have another cup of reality tv, thank you. H/T to The Frugal Dad.

Media Consolidation Infographic

Source: Frugal dad


Bob said...

New York City has two AM general news stations (a 3rd owned by Bloomberg is more business oriented). WCBS is the most popular. WINS runs an old-fashioned teletype sound in the background, very odd, call a tabloid effect. Both owned by CBS. Both broadcast out of the same building. Also own WFAN, the most popular sportstalk station.

Carrie said...

No point for me to listen to radio or watch tv (except for a few pleasant shows I like, plus a few Syfy and a handful of regular broadcast programs like Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, etc.), and I don't read print (well, except for Rolling Stone) and do NOT get my news from TV! Now you can understand why!