Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lord Stanley Is In The House

The first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs has been underway. There are some interesting match ups, and the Pittsburgh/Philadelphia series has been like watching the traditional fight where a hockey game breaks out! Today's game it seemed there were more players on both teams in the penalty boxes than there were actually sitting on the bench. Even several 5 minute majors and game misconducts, and the first period isn't even over.

From Adrian Dater over at Sports Illustrated:

Let's just get the most obvious unbelievable statements out of the way first:

- "I can't believe there was a game that saw 158 minutes in penalties without a deuce to Matt Cooke."

-"I can't believe there was an 8-4 playoff game in which Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin didn't get a goal."

- "I can't believe Marc-Andre Fleury's playoff goals-against average had actually gone down entering the final minute of the second period, when it was still just a 5-4 game for the Flyers."

- "I can't believe I saw hair pulling on a Sunday afternoon in which the TV fare wasn't a marathon of Bad Girls Club: Las Vegas."

- "I can't believe a team as clean as the Mario Lemieux-owned Pittsburgh Penguins could resort to garage-league hockey in a playoff game."

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