Thursday, April 05, 2012

Land Of Make Believe

I was checking out my visitor links today, and, as sometimes occur, links with videos or music that I posted years ago, no longer "link." So, every now and then, I go and "edit" the post with another link. Sometimes they still disappear, like I always experience with any of my "Alley McBeal" posts.

Anyway, saw someone had linked to this post with a google search of Esther Satterfield. Of course, whatever "link" I had put in originally, no longer linked anywhere. So I put in a new one for now.

As I noted in the post, I had the great fortune of hearing Chuck Mangione in all his different incarnations, be it a quartet, a jazz orchestra or a symphony orchestra. (Current link to Mangione's website).

While this is a LIVE recording (which means, in today's world, she would never have survived American Idol or The Voice), to have had the experience to see her perform this song with Mangione conducting circa the late 1970's and way before anyone knew of him based on his one real big hit (and playing in) a full orchestra, well ... that's what we call magic!!!

Enjoy - Land Of Make Believe

"I once asked the Wizard of Oz, all the secrets of his land. He said just take a look around here. Seven dwarfs and Little Boy Blue, Uncle Remus and Snow White too. Now just between us, that's what's known as integration!"

Mangione, more recognizable ...

Feel So Good

Less recognizable.

Chase The Clouds Away

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Beth Chapa said...

I love Chuck Mangione! One of my favorites from him is Children of Sanchez. Of course, Feels So Good is amazing...I can still remember hearing it on the radio when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing!