Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Got My Blog Back, But It Cost Me $3.00

Yeah, that's right.  Google actually charged me $3 to get it back.  And, on top of that, they tried to take an extra $1 out of my credit card, which I, of course, demanded they put back.  Asstwits.  Finally, though, I got the blog back.  Actually, I couldn't care less about this blog. But having the YouTube disappear was not what I anticipated.  More than likely, I will create a different type of blog on a different server, and just leave this one dormant for reference.  As far as I am concerned, Google sucks, and I am not going to be told how I can post or be forced to have to deal with Google's idea of "changes" that are supposed to "enhance" the experience.   Fuck them.  Look for me coming soon on a different network, with a different name, and a different style.


Bob said...

Oddly, when I start a new blog post using my bookmark to the manage post page, I get the older editor. But any subsequent edits of that post use the new one. Which I do not like.

I was just thinking how much I detest the Microsoft Word on my PC, which along with other programs they screwed up going from XL to Vista. I'm thinking doing a trial Corel Word Perfect home office.

Carrie said...

The Corel Word Perfect won't really change things. I don't utilize Microsoft Word and only use their calender program at work. Otherwise, all my computers have Corel installed, but I mostly use the word processing for my documents at work, such as pleadings and of course, letters.

This new editing style of blogger sucks. I can't get any videos to upload, and it won't upload pictures. The "label" list is no longer available, but you can post a "label" if you happen to remember all the fucking labels you created when they started the label stuff. Even AMERICAblog is thinking about moving their entire site to Wordpress. I don't think I'll move this. I think I'll just create a new blog, new name, and use a different server and program and hope that it does what I want it to do, and doesn't force me to change periodically.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back. I enjoy your blog very much. You are honest and you keep it real. Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom, your thoughts, and much of your life with the entire universe.

Best Wishes,

Carrie said...

Wow, Saundra, thank you for the nice compliment. It makes me want to continue what I do all that much more. I just don't know if I want to continue using Blogger, but I do want to continue blogging. Having people that I don't even know like this blog really encourages me to continue what I do. Again, thank you!

Anonymous said...

You do make a big contribution and isn't that why we're here on this earth. If you do decide to move from this site, please let us know your new location.

Continue on girlfriend...your work is not in vain.

Have a great day,

Best Wishes Saundra

Carrie said...

Wow ... thanks.

You know, I have two site tracking meters on my blog, which tell me a lot about who visits my site (well, except their actual name and address, LOL). So, I know where Saundra is from since it shows her ISP address and city and town. That's not to say that I put any stock into knowing that type of information, but I do have an idea of how many people, and where these people are, that read my blog. That's what trips me out. Where do these people find me, is usually the question I ask myself. Yeah, I know Bob in real time (ok, internet real time, ha ha), and I know Tony real time (real time) and Arno ... but aside from those regular commentators, most of the people that "view" my blog don't necessarily "comment." And I am aware of how many ISP addresses visit my blog more than once, so I can differentiate those that happen onto the blog and those that come here on purpose.

Between the emails and the posts, I must say that I am reconsidering letting go of the Bar & Grill, although if I figure out the Wordpress, I may move it. For now, too many people want me to stay put, so I will. Can't say for how long, though. Let's hope the video and picture uplinks start to work. Oh, and mobile posting needs to be FIXED HEAR THAT BLOGGER MOTHER ... ER???????

Anonymous said...

Okay my dear, so you know I'm from Louisiana. I'll tell you my little secret. I was born in New Orleans, raised in California, and I have lived in Louisiana for the last 40 years.

My grandmother was Anna, the nanny to Kelly, Leslie and Gary when they were very little. My sister and brother and I went to stay with my grandmother for a week one summer at your aunt and uncle's house when they were out of town.

I remember you and your sister Duet because when we were visiting that week, we went swimming with you and your sister in your swimming pool. I am older, 65, and my sister Annie is a year younger than you are. She remembers playing with you and my grandma reading the comics from the newspaper to both of you.

Anyhow, long story short, my mom's birthday was April 1st. I wanted to give her something different. So I looked up Sid and Joan Bulkin on the internet and I also searched for Billy Ecstine, who my grandmother also worked for. I wanted to find any pictures and any information about their lives.

Then I bumped into Carrie's Bar and Grill. Only I didn't know that Carrie was Melodi. It took me a while to figure it all out. It dawned on me when Kelly posted a message and called you Melodi. How sweet was that!

Another long story short, I put together a beautiful book of pictures and stories of the two families as a memory to my grandmother and sent it to my mother for her birthday. Both she and my dad and my sister loved it.

So that is my story and I'm sticking to it. Instead of politics, I am now more involved in philosophy and inner perspectives. I love Jesus and people in high places, no matter what race, religion or creed. I'm kind of a personal person and somewhat reclusive so I don't make a good friend, but I wanted to let you know that I think that you're great because of all the hard work you put into your blog and into your uncle's website and into your grandson's blog. That takes a lot of energy and dedication.

Politics is an important business. It is people like you that keep our representatives on their toes. As long as you have the inspiration, please continue to do what you do. When you get tired and worn out, I'll understand, but I won't forget you.

Take care,
Best Wishes,


p.s. When we stayed at your aunt's house that summer, I put on her ballerina shoes and stood on my toes and tried to walk around the room. I'll never forget that.

Carrie said...

Oh my fracking god! That is one incredible story of finding someone. Of course I remember your grandmother, she was very much a part of my life as well as my cousins. I remember visiting your grandmother sometimes on weekends at her house in the Crenshaw area, where all the kids taught us to dance to songs like "Peanut Butter." Man, the memories. I can't believe you remember my sister's name and mine. I am sorry that I don't remember you personally by name, but I am just touched tremendously that you have that memory of that time spent at our "home." However, we never had a pool (laughing), what we did was jump the fence and swim in the neighbor's pool! We kept trying to get Sid to build one in that vast back yard we had, but he consistently refused to do so, just like he refused to EVER get us a dishwasher, and with all of us that ate at that house, we sure could have used a dishwasher, and not one that was a human being, damn it!

Feel free to e-mail me, I forwarded a copy of your comment to Kelly. It would be fun to continue this "reunion" off the net, so to speak. And Kelly is the keeper of the photographs, so I am sure she has some of your grandmother. BTW, in case you haven't learned from my posts on Sid's blog and here, Joan now lives in Shanghai, China. Gosh, so much to talk about ...

Carrie said...

P.S. We ALL tried on Joan's ballet shoes. That's why most of us danced! (grins).

Carrie said...

Well, Kelly just emailed me and reminded me that one summer we DID have a portable swimming pool at the house, which I have a vague recollection of, so you were right about swimming at our house!