Sunday, March 11, 2012

There's A Disco Inferno In Heaven, RIP, Jimmy Ellis

Jimmy Ellis, who belted out the dance anthem "Disco Inferno" in the 1970s for the Trammps, died Thursday in South Carolina, the funeral home handling arrangements said.

He was 74.

First off, disco WAS my thing. Regardless of my dance training and background, I came of age, dance wise, during the disco era. I have probably been to every famous disco with the exception of Studio 54 in New York, during my disco days. I entered disco dance contests, won quite a few and even won one stupid small contest that my younger cousin, Gary, danced with me. I was living in North County, San Diego, and drove to Los Angeles to pick Gary up, then drove back to North County where the small contest was (which we won), then drove him back to Los Angeles, and then came back home!

Actually, during the years in the early to mid-70's that I lived in the North County San Diego area, I was constantly driving up to L.A. for dance classes three or more times a week. I did not find any dance studios in the San Diego area that cut the mustard compared to who I was studying under in L.A.

But, far and away, one of THE most popular disco songs to dance to (and which was one of the songs that I have had in my walk work out, whether on the treadmill or actually walking) was "Disco Inferno" by the Trammps.

RIP, Jimmy Ellis.


Bob said...

On Name That Tune I'd get this song in 4.5 seconds.

Carrie said...

I could name this song in 2 seconds!