Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NRA's New Concealed Gun Hoodie

I haven't blogged at all about the Trayvon Martin killing. There are so many senseless murders of people of color that go on daily, that not all of them rise to the level of media prominence that this particular murder has.

But the "hoodie" aspect of this is just bullshit. First off, disgraced, stupid, ignorant and basically a very bad reporter, Geraldo Rivera's comments about the "hoodie" being "responsible" for Trayvon's death just proves my theory about the stupid people.

But I finally had to weigh in on the NRA's adopting a "hoodie with a gun pouch" as shown above.

“We want concealed carry to fit around your lifestyle — not the other way around. That’s why we developed the NRAstore exclusive Concealed Carry Hooded Sweatshirt."

I am beginning to seriously think about buying a gun, but no bullets, just so I can confuse the shit out of many people. The "open carry" laws just piss me off enough that if I could pull it off, I'd plop my gun at my local bar just for the sheer shock value. I'll probably get killed, but hey, what a way to go, eh?

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