Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Old Photograph" By Warren Wiebe

From a commenter:

Well, if truth be told, for years I thought Christopher Cross was the guy singing at the end of "Voices That Care" and for some reason I must have been looking at that video on youtube where his name was mentioned somewhere in the uploaders comments or something and I was immediately on the move to find more stuff by him. This is when I learned of his death, the history and some of the artists he performed for and with. This happened about a year and a half ago. Believe it or not, I have 77 songs (some live performance stuff included) that he has done. I know there is more out there and my quest continues. I am envious of you having been able to see him perform cool!! I feel a sense of loss and somehow robbed of him in that there will be no more music from him. He was truly a gifted vocalit and it's like I almost fall in love with him when I hear him sing. Kinda weird, but it's honestly how I feel.

I know lots of people that have confused Warren with Christopher over the years. But like you said, I was blessed to know his voice in a particular fashion having heard him night after night at the Forum in Inglewood for years and years. Also, being raised in a musical family, I CAN distinguish between say, Jack Jones and Steve Lawrence (laughing). So I do know the difference in sound between Warren and Christopher, just from my own life in music.

But, like I posted and commented, that year, when he wasn't in his regular season seat for the first few games, and he didn't sing the opening song before the games, the rumors started ... "he died" and then morphed into "he killed himself" and man, oh man, the sadness that enveloped the Forum that October was intense.

I like the website they have maintained for him, but I am bummed that they will not allow embedding of videos. I also do not have nearly as many songs as you.

My favorite is this -- "Old Photograph." Hope you enjoy.


Beth Chapa said...

I would share what I have with you if you want to send me a list of what you already have. Let me know.

Carrie said...

I only have a few songs. Although I love his voice, until his death, I really did not know who he was except that I enjoyed his regular rendition at the Kings' hockey games of America the Beautiful. It wasn't until I researched him after his death that I realized how much I had heard him in the back-up singing with so many artists. I think I only have about 7 or 8 songs, but I do like to catch a video or two of his on You Tube. I'm not nearly as obsessed with him or his music as I am with, say, Eva Cassidy, of whom I have written often on this blog and have played much more of her music here. I would be happy to have anything you have. Just let me know how you want to share it (disc, email, etc.) Thanks for the offer.

Beth Chapa said...

I think it would be easier for me just to mail (snail) you an mp3 disc. Email me your address and I will do it this weekend. My email address is btw, I like Eva Cassidy a lot too. She had such a sweet voice...