Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Posts Coming Soon, I Promise

I have been under the weather as they say, all week, and spending most of my time in bed, sleeping and trying to shake this new strain of the flu that has hit everyone around me. I seem to be one of the luckier in that while I had the usual aches and pains, fever, and head cold, along with a sore throat, it never went bronchial, and as a result, I did not have the potential for pneumonia as many of my other friends did. They ended up in the hospital and having to take antibiotics and even have an asthma enhaler to assist with the breathing and clearing out the fluid in their lungs.

I tried to go to work yesterday, but lasted only an hour. It was pure hell trying to even get dressed to go to work. I ended up leaving and coming back home to sleep more. Today, I am still tired and have the remains of the head cold, but I do not feel the aches and pains that makes it hard to get dressed, walk, etc. So, I'll give work another shot!

Although the dearth of posts could also just be a coincidence in that nothing much has changed ... still idiot Republicans badmouthing this country, women, poor people, civil rights, the unemployed, bombing Iran, etc. (Yawn)

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