Tuesday, February 07, 2012

At Least The Giants Won

I cannot stand Tom Brady. It's not personal, though. It started a few years back when the Chargers had to get past Tom to get to the Super Bowl. And all I heard for days and days was "Brady" this and "Brady" that. I got so sick and tired of hearing just how much better Brady is/was than Phil Rivers that I just grew to hate the guy.

I also won a few bucks at the local watering hole's pick a square pool. Although I didn't win as much as I bet (lost $25 on the overall squares picked), it was still fun to be, again, a winner in the bar's football pool.

I guess it's back to hockey now.

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Bob said...

For me, as not much of an NFL fan, it's good to beat New England (Boston, as far as I'm concerned), & have Coughlin's old school style stuff Rex Ryan's mouth.