Sunday, January 15, 2012

See Ya Tebow, Stone Cold Steve Austin Can Keep His 3:16

FINALLY, no more Tebow! It was bad enough when last week he threw for 316 yards with an average completion of 31.6 yards, given his favorite Bible verse is John 3:16. Take that, Steve Austin! And here's what Austin had to say about Tebow:

However, after the win over Pittsburgh, Austin talked about Tebow and the Bible verse. See, not only did Tebow win the game in overtime, but he threw for 316 yards in the game. Since he only completed ten passes on the day, his average per completion was 3.16 yards. Did I mention that Tebow's favorite receiver, Demaryius Thomas was born on Christmas Day?

How about the fact that the overtime television rating was 31.6? Or the fact that the only interception Ben Roethlisberger threw in the game was on 3rd-and-16?

All that is freaky enough but it all is probably just coincidence. Austin is betting his cash cow on that as well.

"I'm no football analyst or a real religious person, but I think he's a great role model for young kids and I wish him the best," Austin said. "So yeah, if he can throw for another 316 yards and beat the New England Patriots, the '3:16' is all his."

See ya!!! I guess "god" did not want you to win this week. :(

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