Thursday, January 05, 2012

More Posts To Come Soon, I Promise!

I have not posted much politically during this holiday season, despite the plethora of comical (as in Republican debates, etc.) and interesting (as in new laws in effect as of 1/1/12) and stupid (as in Republican debates, etc. -- oops, does that count twice?) to actually post on.

However, now that the holidays are over, tree ready to be tossed this weekend, Christmas decorations ready to be put away and regular stuff put back into place, I will resume my regular posting.

One funny thing that happened over the holidays, though, was this ad site (that was real, trust me) singling out my blog and offering to pay me for the right to put some advertisements on. Now I have already seen this company's work with placement of ads on some really big blogs, so to say I was somewhat impressed they thought enough of my content to want to place adverts on my site and pay me per advert is an understatement! However, as we discussed further, and I indicated I did not use Pay Pal for payments (and never would), that I did not have a bank account, and that I hated WalMart so if they put a WalMart ad on my site, I might have to make fun of it ... suddenly NO MORE contact from the company.

Ha, ha. Well ... it's not like I was going to get rich off of this, what with my 25 regular readers (although I sometimes get more hits from the googlebot that still has not finished hashing my blog).

Anyway, it's FOOTBALL playoff time. So, tell me who you think is going forward after Sunday, and/or who is going all the way?

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