Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I'm Not Dead Politically

First off, I AM curious as to how many of you that belong to Move On, got their e-mail about the possibility of YOU running for an office in in your city/county/state, etc.? If I did not have a "history" that would "out me" in more ways than Gingrich has been BBQ'd in this primary, I would have given the e-mail consideration.

With many of the bigger blogs covering the stupidity that has become to be known as Republican Debates, one can only hope that in the end, it's Gingrich. He's such a stupid man that even if half of the Democrats in this country don't show up at the polls, Obama still wins. I find that creepily eerie. And a reason I don't expand on the regular big blogs' views. At the moment, with stupidity abundant, it is redundant of me to repeat what has already been opined.

This interesting statement from Digby's site:

The part of me that wants to see an easier win in November desperately wants Gingrich to win the nomination.

But the fighter in me wants to see Romney win this nomination so that we can have the tax the rich conversation undistracted all through November. Sadly, I don't get to choose. That's for the crazies on the other side to decide.

I didn't watch the SOTU address this evening. I haven't watched this Prez on TV in about two years, as he creates in me the same desires to smash my television and throw shit at it like Dubya used to bring out in me!

I thought this ad was funny. Courtesy of Romney Gekko 2012.

Another tidbit, worthy of its own post, but I might not get to it, is one of the nominations as Best Actor Nominee (Oscar) in a major motion picture, Demián Bichir. His role is a day laborer in the film A Better Life.

Now, the take down of the Mega whatever site (which, personally, I actually have to say I have never heard of it, yet alone use it ... but then again, I'm not a big fan of having the very first viewing of anything, be it sports, television, movies or music). But found this interesting link to what is supposedly behind the whole shebang and the DOJ's long arm. I will do a separate post about my feelings, though. Some other MPAA and Hollywood shenanigans. Didn't take long for the "pinko, commie leftist hippies" in Hollywood to figure out how to use Citizens United like tactics to move along their agenda. Nothing talks as much as bullshit walks ... but when there is money, hey, you know the "line!"

Well, when I have some more time ... I'll write something relevant. For now, work, family and "you know what" is still Occupying ME! LOL!


Bob said...

I used megaupload for long out of print vinyl nobody cared about except collectors of old vinyl. The takedown wiped out some of my favorite music blogs, & I still haven't assessed the full damage.

Carrie said...

Exactly! That is why this take down is going to backfire on the RIAA and this administration (Repugs and Dems included).