Monday, December 19, 2011

Was It's "God's Will" That Sophie Win Survivor?

Well, another boring Survivor season ends, with an undeserving Sophie winning the million dollars. It hasn't been interesting since Russell Hanz was a participant, and if it becomes any more like being at a Christian church revival, I will not be watching this game anymore.

As I have posted many times before, I just do not understand some Christians' mentality when they "thank God" for a win, whether it be in sports, television, music, or otherwise. But it has been especially obnoxious the past couple of seasons of Survivor where there has been an uptake in the number of people quoting scripture and saying's "if it's God's will, I will win this." So not fucking true.

If you believe in a God (and I do), why in the world would you think he/she/it gives two cents whether you win a baseball/football/basketball/whatever game? Why would God want one person to win an Oscar over another person? What makes you so special that God's will was that you win something? And, as one person pointed out, what about the blaming of God because you LOST? Where's the bitterness? Do you just bury it inside you and stay angry at God? Do you pray your anger away?

I tell you, if next season's Survivor starts off with a group prayer, I'm turning off the show, and after 23 seasons of watching every single episode, I will be dropping another thing I like from my list.

By the way, Ozzie played the best game and Coach should have brought him to the final three. Coach was going to lose anyway, but to bring slimy Albert instead of Ozzy will go down as "god's retribution" on Coach. LOL!


Arno said...

Athletes should pray, if so inclined, before a contest...for strength and good health, for ability to do their best, for the capacity to accept winning AND losing in a gracious manner --- all for themselves AND their opponents. Not in wishes or thanks for a big play or a win. And they should do so in a private manner. The wearing on the sleeve is ugly.

Arno said...

...anyone in any contest, not just athletes.

Carrie said...

I'm still not for the group prayer thing in competition. For one thing, it excludes those that aren't Christian, and is awkward for them. The about how Sandy Koufax felt being Jewish as a Dodger. Think about how hard it was for him not to play on a high holy day. God is private, to me. Praying should be what you do daily, and thank God that you even woke up to live another day. Moving it into the realm of "events" including opening congressional meetings, sporting events or reality television shows just cheapens religion.