Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tennessee Firefighters Are Lowlifes ... Tommy Gavin Fans Rise Up

It's stuff like this that will continue to feed the fire of the Occupy/99% movement. I cannot think of anything more crass than fireman (regardless of whether they are on the payroll or volunteers) just standing around and watching a house burn down because someone didn't pay $75 bucks for a "fee" for the service of these firemen. SHAME ON YOU.

October 2010 firefighters refuse to assist video:

Current video of firefighters again watching a home burn down over $75 dollars.

Heartless bastards. This is the Republican answer. Austerity on the backs of the least likely to handle it. You can bet your bottom dollar that the 1% have their own controlled firefighters ... a profession one used to be proud of, now bought and paid for.

Wonder how that would have been portrayed on "Rescue Me." Would Tommy Gavin let a measly $75 stop him from saving a house from being burnt down? Yeah, we all know THAT answer .... NOT!

Stupid people.

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