Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Message To John Aravosis, You Suck

You know what John, you are sometimes really an ass when you pontificate your preferred opinion on your blog. I know it's your blog, so it's your platform, but just because some Occupy the port information didn't pan out to be true, doesn't mean you are the god of all that is left wing liberalism internalized.

The Occupy Seattle team is claiming that the union employees at the port didn't lose their pay. In fact, according to the Stranger, they did.


Some folks got upset when I wrote yesterday that this port action was giving me pause. It seems I had a point. Fancy that.

Yeah, fancy your ass, that. Let me give you a lollipop to shove up your ass. You missed the total point of that port shutdown, and you continually (lately) miss the total point of the Occupy movement. Perhaps you should just concentrate on your little pictures of your dog, and the like.

You are becoming quite a disappointment to me and many of my ilk.

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