Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas, Part Two

It was a great Christmas. I will post pictures tomorrow. We did our family celebration (mom, Zaire and me) in the early afternoon, then went to a family friend's house where we had Christmas dinner (turkey, greens, mac/cheese, yams with brown sugar, and cornbread stuffing) and wine. We were so stuffed no one actually ate dessert! And here I made two pecan pies. I took one home and left one for the other family.

THEN we played Scrabble! I came in second, but I might have won if I didn't challenge the word "qi" which although was not in the official Scrabble dictionary, which was old, it was on the online Scrabble dictionary, so I lost a turn. Oh well. But I told everyone I play a mean fucking Scrabble game!

Zaire had a lot of fun and like I said, there are tons of pictures.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day today. We are home now, and mom has gone off to her friend's house. Zaire will spend the night and tomorrow with me. We will be going to the Petersen Auto Museum to see the Disney Pixar "Cars" exhibit, and eat at our favorite diner, Johnny Rockets. It doesn't get much better than that!

Bryan Adams - Run Rudolph Run

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