Friday, December 30, 2011

Every Visit Comes To An End, Ciao Zaire, Until Next Time

Well, my grandson is on a plane back to Chicago. I got a text from my daughter that the pilot sent to her. He took a picture of Zaire in the cockpit! As soon as I can get it downloaded, I will put it up on the blog. But, come on, how cool is that? The pilot takes a picture of Zaire on his cell phone, and then sends it via text to his mother? Way fracking cool!

We had a great week with Zaire. He spent Christmas Eve with his best friend, Eli and their family. He spent Christmas day at my house with his mother, and later we went to a friend's house to share Christmas dinner with their family and ours. Monday, Zaire and I pulled out all of the Hot Wheels collections he has (probably about 13 different connecting sets) and played. Then we went to the Petersen Auto Museum to see more Hot Wheels, and view the Pixar "Cars" movie collection of die cast cars. We had lunch at Johnnie Rockets like old times!

Thursday, a few of us gathered at my watering hole (which is also a restaurant) and we hung out and had dinner, (and drinks for we adults) with Zaire. It was fabulous having him meet some of my friends that have heard so much about him over the past year.

Anyway, here are a few pictures.

This is at the opening of the Hot Wheels exhibit. Once you walk under this section, all the lights go on, and cars make sounds, etc. We bought two more additions to add to the Hot Wheels sets we already have. And it was fun to watch all the cars hit their mark.

I got Zaire these blow up balloons that can be crafted into objects, animals, etc. I made a poodle, and Zaire made a hat for him. He also made a hat for me.

This is Zaire opening up his presents. This one is a book by accomplished author John Grisham, who has written two books for children. Since Zaire has obviously been schooled by the father as to what is going on (don't ask, won't tell), I figured he needed a book about a kid who's father is a lawyer! LOL!

This is Zaire at the interactive part of the museum. There are many cars and motorcycles and other things that they let the people (especially children) play with. How does he look like a cop? Yeah, me too .... NOT!

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