Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Poop Flinging Monkeys, Pepper Spray And Megyn Kelly

There has been a lot of dismissive talk on the television as of late regarding the "pepper spraying" incident at UC Davis. In fact, the cop has become a famous meme now!

A lot has taken off from the now infamous Megyn Kelly Fox News program statement that "pepper spray" is essentially a "food product."

However, this piece from Daily Kos caught my eye, with this funny analogy.

Fox's Megyn Kelly has been taking some heat (hi-yo!) for what looks like her dismissal of the seriousness of the UC Davis pepper spraying incident and other similar incidents around the country by asserting that pepper spray, "is a food product, essentially." And that's undoubtedly an idea that deserves to be slapped down, so it's no surprise that it has been, with actual science, no less.

The ridicule has been plentiful, of course. (Mustard gas is a condiment! Bullets are nutritional supplements!) But if you watch the entire video, Kelly actually comes off as being at least within spitting distance of reasonable. Though it should be said that a poop-flinging monkey could likely do the same if he was sitting opposite Bill O'Reilly, who goes out of his way to imply both that the pepper spraying is OK because UC Davis is a liberal campus, and that say that people "don't... have the right to Monday morning quarterback the police." [my emphasis]

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