Saturday, November 05, 2011

Best Band Ever - Beatles or Fleetwood Mac?

That is really a hard choice. The Beatles left behind a catalogue of music, but the Mac, damn, they lived their music!

We most remember this in the Clinton era, as their theme song, presidential wise.

Newer version of " Don't Stop."

This is a band that was as good as their individuals as they were as their combined components!

Tusk, circa The Dance album.

An epic song ... Go Your Own Way

This was a band with a history that just transcends most bands. Shit, Mick Fleetwood on the drums was awesome. Everyone in that band had mad skills.

Over My Head - Christine McVie

Stevie Nicks


Bob said...

Like Fleetwood, loved Christine McVie. I liked the earlier incarnations, too. But they're just not in the same class as the Beatles.

Arno said...

Hard to answer, especially for me as a big fan of both. I'd have to say the Beatles changed things more and left a more lasting influence, but The Mac is the soundtrack to much of my life. They were, as a band and in life, an ongoing, talented opera.

Arno said...

BTW, Abbey Road is The Beatles best, Tusk is FM's best.conden

Arno said...

Arno: sometimes slow on captchas...