Saturday, October 15, 2011

Times Square Webcam-View OCW Protestors

Now that the OWS protestors have moved up to Times Square, there is a fabulous series of webcams posted throughout that area. I generally like to watch the New Year's Eve broadcasts live at 9 p.m. my time, in New York, rather than wait until the overly hyped, fully commercialized television crap that runs on at midnight my time!

Here are some screen captures I just took (it's about 7:30 p.m. their time).

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Bob said...

It gave me another view of Obama's jobs act, which - though it can't hurt - is basically a gutless attempt to knock down unemployment by 1% before the election (if the economy doesn't get worse), curry the favor of some public employee unions whose jobs would be preserved for one more year, while doing nothing to get at the underlying problems that are at the heart of the OWS movement. Obama is like Herbert Hoover wearing an FDR mask.