Friday, October 28, 2011

Never Leave A Baseball Game Early!

I was watching the game at my local watering hole, and when the Rangers went ahead toward the end of the game, I just figured it was done, paid my bill, talked to the piano player, and went home. I didn't even turn on the TV, just sort of kicked it for a few and went to bed (I've been nursing a toothache for a few days anyway).

I wake up this morning only to find out that not only did the game get tied by the Cards, they won it in overtime, in the 11th inning! One thing, though, if I HAD stayed at the bar to watch the game, I might not have been sober enough to even walk home! Still, I hate to miss thrilling baseball games, and am bummed I didn't at least put the TV on when I got home!


Bob said...

I missed the whole damned game.

Arno said...

I had to call it a day after the eighth. Being an NL sort, I woke up pleasantly surprised.

Carrie said...

I really should have known better, but three drinks down, I knew I had better leave. It did not even occur to me, the way the last couple of innings were going, that the Cards would stand a chance. But, damn it, I should have at least turned the TV on when I got home! I don't live but a few blocks away from the bar, so I would have been home in time to watch the tenth and eleventh inning.

But, funny, though. This is how they always describe the Dodger fans ... come to the game in the third, leave in the seventh! I always espoused if you're going to the game, you stay till it's over, whenever that is. So, in a way, I was just a typical Dodger fan, leaving before the game was over.