Sunday, October 23, 2011

Goldman Sachs Backs Out Of Event Because Occupy Chicago Being Honored!

Courtesy of Think Progress:

Earlier this month, the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union in New York City held a fundraiser to celebrate its 25th anniversary. It just so happened that this the credit union many of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street (OWS) were using to store funds — and the protest group became an honoree at the dinner. When Goldman Sachs found out that OWS would be at the dinner, it pulled out of the event, along with its $5,000 donation. Despite the threat from the mega-bank to pull its money if OWS would be honored, event organizers decided to go ahead anyway. “Their money was welcome, but not at the price of giving up what we believe in,” said Pablo DeFilippi, associate director of member development at the National Federal of Community Development Credit Unions. “We lost their $5,000, but we have our principles.”


Bob said...

Too much emphasis on police brutality among some NYC OWS. The big corporations might rather it be about the local police. Gets the movement off message. It needs to be about the corporate powers themselves, not their agents. The police are not responsible for the economic breakdown. & they remain potential allies as more cuts are made to city services. The worst, most personal angry shit I've seen on video has been from the police white shirts, the management.

Carrie said...

Latest press is NYC is blaming OWS for the increase in the murder rate there. Gotta laugh at that one. If you're too busy busting the ladies for just hanging out, and pepper spraying the ones that are doing nothing, and smacking around the dudes, it's your own fault you aren't doing your REAL job in NYC. And yeah, it's the white shirts that are the brutal ones. Most personal reports coming out of NYC say the blue shirts are mostly pleasant and on their side, anyway.