Monday, October 03, 2011

Football Win Bet ... Am I The Real Sports Pig?

I don't usually play betting pools re sports, but at my new watering hole, they have straight up pick the winners of all the games each week (not based on under/over or point spreads). I won last week, but had to stay at the bar on Monday to see who won that game to determine if someone tied me, which no one did. Tonight, I walked into the bar, and they simply handed me the money. I had picked 13 correct teams to win and no one was close so that it didn't matter who won tonight, I would still have the best record. Sweet!

Everyone wants to sit next to me when I put my bet in on 10/6, LOL. We shall see! I told my readers I am a sports pig ... now I am proving it. Who walks into the betting arena and is handed the prize before the last game is played? ME....!!!!

P.S. If you were wondering what happened last night with the "no pre-game show" with Hank Williams, Jr., it was pulled because of this segment that aired earlier in the day on Fox News:


Arno said...

I suck at pro picks, but pretty good at the college game. Good for you! Sounds like a legend-in-the-making!

Carrie said...

I generally always do bets that are centered on my team vs. your team. Over the years, with football, I would make three bets each week with someone, one was you take your team and I take the opposing team, the second was I take my team, you take the opposing team, and then the third was we would agree on a game that we both had an interest in opposite teams. The bets were $20 per game. Baseball bets were different, but I'll explain them later. This is the first time that I am in a pool, that doesn't consider over/under, or point spreads, but is just a straight up who wins, who loses. I have won two in a row. But last night was just funny because I had beat everyone outright that they simply handed me the money when I got to the bar! How cool is that?