Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back From Chicago

Whirlwind short visit. Had its ups and downs, but overall, it was a very pleasant visit. Too many pictures taken to even start to put online. I did get to see the Robin Hood protestors crossing the river in their row boats, though, live, so that was way fucking cool! Went to the Baha'i House of Worship at night when all the lights are on. It is really a fabulous building, and I actually cried like a baby inside. I hadn't been there since I was 16, and it is such a spiritual part of my whole life that to be there (there is only one House of Worship in each country, so they are very special) overwhelmed me. My daughter, of course, loved Wilmette area, but it's way over her price range (sweety darling!). Rogers Park is like a cross between the East Village and the West Village, but with a lot more trees. That's where my grandson has been living.

Flight there was a breeze, getting around was easy, flight home was delayed a bit, today was hell trying to catch up to work.

Will post more over the weekend, both political and personal.

By the way, hat tip and shout out goes to my new favorite (Chicago) bar, Duke's! I was only one of two rooting for Detroit to beat Chicago on MNF, and it was a hoot! I had called around the Rogers Park area to talk to the bars to see where my daughter might like to go hang out after she had to bring her son back to the babysitter or the dad (although, I have to say, the dad let my grandson spend the night with her a few nights while she stayed at the motel, so props for that), so when my daughter got there and called Dukes (I told her since it was a GLBT bar, she'd probably have more fun), the bartender tells her "hey, your mom called us last night!" How funny is that? They sent someone over to her motel to walk her to the bar. That doesn't happen at most places EVER! So on Monday night, I hung out with her at Dukes. First time I was so so so drunk, but REMEMBERED everything! No blackouts whatsoever! And it was cool walking back after the bar closed (they gave me my drink "to go") we stopped off at another bar, the Glenwood, that was closed, but the bartender from Dukes knew the bartender Wally, so he opened up and poured us a round! Very friendly neighborhood, I have to say.

For not flying in 11 years, I had no problems, no gripping of the seat handles on take off, no headaches upon landing! I'm ready to get back into the traveling game.


Bob said...

It's a fabulous city. I stayed there for a week with friends (quite a ways from downtown, but near the El), went to the Arts Institute three times, had some spectacularly famous paintings I figured I might not see again. Although it was bitterly cold (the temp dropped 60 degrees overnight, zowie!) I had to walk down Clark Street, where Nelson Algren set some of his novels, & found a number of used bookstores. Glad you had a chance to visit your spiritual home base.

Carrie said...

Chicago is nice enough, but I would never live there. It's not my cup of tea, as they say. There is a sort of cosmopolitan aspect to it I guess, but it reminded me more of Portland, Oregon than it did say, New York City. Los Angeles, on the other hand, is very hard edged, and clearly not as complacent as Chicago. Yet, I am more comfortable here. I'd be bored very quickly in Chicago, even in a quirky community like Rogers Park. Plus, I hate winters, and if I want to see snow, I am more than happy to go up to the local mountains to see it, instead of having to shovel my way out of it from my house.