Tuesday, September 06, 2011

NFL Opening 2011 !!!

So, where will YOU be Thursday?


Bob said...

Not my game. But the Chargers are rated pretty good.

Carrie said...

PULEEZE! Chargers are always rated up there at the beginning of every season since I've been a fan (1979) but they just never seem to pull it off, having only one Super Bowl appearance on their belt that they lost to San Fran.

Carrie said...

Since my grandson has been forced (LOL) to bandwagon for Green Bay (why not the Bears?), I called him and gave him shit tonight that he's not even WATCHING the game! Saints were behind most of the first half, but have since are at 17 to GB's 21, and the half is not even over yet. Of course, I am rooting for the Saints, and I told my grandson that we are going to have to put money on some of these games, like a dollar!

His birthday is next Tuesday. I do feel bad that he'll be spending it mostly alone with DBD, DBD's girlfriend and maybe DBD's DBD father ha ha ha. We've always had huge parties for him, many of them bowling, which is great fun for both the adults and children. Too bad he doesn't really have that many friends where he lives. Oh well.