Monday, September 12, 2011

The Day After

After watching all the pomp and circumstance as it were, that we call football, especially on Sunday, any mention of Pat Tillman was strikingly and oddly missing. A man that left the NFL to join up and go fight that god awful "war on terror" in Iraq, only to find himself extremely at odds with it after he got there, then was shot by American troops in friendly fire ... while Bush and the American government and the military LIED about it, definitely tainted my beloved sport.

As much as I love football, I think opening season Sunday should have been cancelled just like it was on the first Sunday in 2001. All the NFL ribbons, the overblown flags, the pretend caring, was a bit much for me.

I watched football instead of watching anything that was part of the "remembrance" on the 10th anniversary. 9/11 is still a painful day for me, but I refuse to get on board the Macy parade like atmosphere that this day has now come to be.

And let us not forget that 77 Americans lost their lives yesterday in Afghanistan. For what? Peace? Love? Betterment of humanity worldwide? Nah ... American hatred, that's what 9/11 has morphed into.

Have a nice day.

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